Request for Expression of Interest National Consultancy to Develop NCDDS’ Communication Strategy


National Consultancy to Develop NCDDS’ Communication Strategy



Improved Service Delivery for Citizens in Cambodia (ISD) is the joint initiative of the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia, represented by the Secretariat of the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD-S), the Government of the federal Republic of Germany, and the Government of Switzerland, represented by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. ISD is supporting NCDD-S in NP-2 implementation which places emphasis on building effective public service delivery at the local level with digital technology playing a significant role in the interaction government – citizens. A communication strategy is envisioned to define key messages to be communicated to each of the target groups and relevant communication tools and approaches. National expertise to develop NCDD-S’ communication strategy is sought. Please find the detail assignment in the enclosed Terms of Reference (ToR).

Submission Requirements

Any commercial, technical or procedure related to the tender should be Submitted in writing and clearly marked with the subject:

Question No. 83422341 to the email address at the latest five working days before the deadline of submission of the bid.

You should not contact other GIZ personnel unless directed to do so by the GIZ representative. GIZ reserves the right to disqualify and reject proposals from suppliers who do not comply with these guidelines.

Offers must be sent in separate PDF files (duly identified as technical offer and financial offer) to the email address provided in the contact details, with the subject: Offer No. 83422341 – National consultancy to develop NCDDS’ communication strategy until 23:59 on 31.10.2022 (offers sent after this date will be automatically disqualified). If more than one offer is received from a bidder in response to a tender, only the most recently submitted offer will be considered.

The default size of e-mails is limited to 30 MB. Above that, GIZ’s email servers refuse the message and its attachments. If necessary, send more than one e-mail.

In case of bigger files, it is possible to transfer the file via GIZ’s File transfer service: the link. GIZ accepts only this specific file transfer solution for submission of documents exceeding the default mail size of 30 MB.

Non-compliance may result in your bid not being considered.

All costs incurred in preparing and submitting tenders are borne by the tenderers and cannot be reimbursed.

All tenderers will be informed in writing of the results of this tender process.

Planned schedule for the rest of the procurement procedure:

  • Submission of bids: 31.10.2022
  • Contract award and information about the result of the evaluation: 04.11.2022
  • Commencement of service delivery: 08.11.2022

NB: NGOs wishing to join this tender must have a valid business certificate (Patent) showing that they can provide commercial services to the public.