This Sub-program describes staffing issues and sets out the activities, already commenced, to develop the new and unified administrative systems for Capital, Provinces Districts, Municipalities and Khan (Operations Manual, together with the preparation of a Capacity Development Strategy/Manual and Capacity-Development plan). This will result in the development and rollout of the human resource and administrative systems to be used by Capital, Provinces DMK as well as the review in order to improve the capacity of C/S in the management of staff and to develop the governance system of C/S including cooperation system
between C/S and C/S and C/S and D/M.

The setting up of the new sub-national administration structures has been completed and the process of assigning staff to positions in the Provincial and District/Municipal Khan administrations has been completed in first stage. Sub-program 2 will be implemented in cooperation with other subprograms of IP3.


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