National Program

The National Program for Sub-National Democratic Development (NP-SNDD) is the RGC’s agenda for the next 10 years in the comprehensive and in-depth governance reform process of the sub-national administrations, which will also impact on other national institutions. The formulation of NP-SNDD reflects and confirms the RGC’s political commitment to the vision, policies and strategies outlined in the D&D Strategic Framework and the government’s commitment to implementing the Organic Laws on Capital, Province, Municipality, District and Commune/Sangkat administrations.

The NP-SNDD has been formulated while the RGC is strengthening the roles and responsibilities of institutions at all levels towards achieving good governance, development and poverty reduction. To achieve these goals, great efforts by all national and sub-national levels are required, as well as effective cooperation between them. In this reform process, there is a need for equal opportunity for all citizens to participate in local development and to demand better and more comprehensive public services to meet citizen’s needs, leading to poverty reduction and focusing on the most vulnerable groups, particularly the indigenous peoples, women and children.

In this respect, the RGC’s goals for sub-national democratic development are to:
• Create a culture of local participatory democracy, accountable to the citizens;
• Improve public services and infrastructures;
• Bring about social and economic development;
• Contribute to poverty reduction.

Programme Areas
This document describes the goals, objectives and scope of the NP-SNDD implementation framework by platform (or phase) and sets out the activities planned under each programme area designed to achieve sub-national democratic development. It outlines five programme areas as following:
•    Sub-national Institutional Development
•    The Development of Strong Human Resource Management Systems
•    The Transfer of Functions and Resources
•    Sub-National Budget, Financial and Property Systems
•    Support Institutions for D&D Reform Process


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National Program (2010-2019)

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Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB) 2017