EmPower Women for Climate Resilient Societies Project

គម្រោង EmPower ពង្រឹងភាពអង់អាចដល់ស្រ្តីដើម្បីសង្គមធន់ទៅនឹងការប្រែប្រួលអាកាសធាតុ  (EmPower Women for Climate Resilient Societies)


General Information

Project Title      

     “Strengthening Human Rights and Gender Equality through Climate Change Action and Disaster
      Risk Reduction”
      Short Name: “EmPower”
     Other Name: “EmPower – Women for Climate Resilient Societies”


      To address key drivers of gender-based vulnerability and enhance human rights through
      implementation of gender- responsive climate change and DRR actions in Asia and​the Pacific.
Implementing Country:
      Cambodia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh 
      Phase 1 = Inception Phase April to December 2018
      Phase 2 = Project Implementation Year 2019 to Year 2021
      Phase 3 = Lessons Learnt/Assessment and consolidation of findings, case studies Year 2022
Executing Partner                 
   UN Environment និង UN​ Women
Delivery Partner in Cambodia          
    Output 1:  UN Women Cambodia Co, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Rural Development, and                          National Committee for Disaster Management and Ministry of Environment
    Output 2: UN Women Cambodia Co with National Institute of Statistics
    Output 3: UN Women Cambodia Co with Ministry of Women’s Affairs
    Output 4: NCDD-S, Nexus
    Output 5: not available (regional activities)
Fund Source         
    Output 1: CSOs representing women and women’s groups are able to lead, participate in and                                   influence climate change and disaster risk reduction decision-making processes;
    Output 2: Governments and key stakeholders are able to generate, analyze and use SADDD to                                 inform climate change and disaster risks and actions;
    Output 3: National climate change & DRR policy makers are able to integrate and enhance                                         responsiveness to gender equality commitments;
    Output 4: Women are able to exercise rights to access and control economic resources, through RE                      to build resilient and transformative livelihoods; and
    Output 5: Regional normative processes, knowledge products and platforms on climate change and                       DRR integrate and enhance responsiveness to gender equality and human rights.
Budget for NCDD-S   for Implementing Output #4 of EmPower Project

                Phase 1 = Inception Phase Year 2018 to Year 2018

Budget = 50,000 USD (UNEP in Cambodia)
                Phase 2 = Project Implementation Year 2019 to Year 2021
                               Phase 2A: Scoping Study and Pre-feasibility (2019)
                   Budget Output 4: 60,439 USD (total including NCDDS)
                             Phase 2B: Feasibility and Implementation (2020-2021)
                      Budget2B Output 4: 171,190 USD (only NCDDS, excluding other Delivery Partner)
                      Budget is used for
                                                  1.  Operations: 51,190 US
                                                  2.  Investment: 120,000 USD
                                                        Investment has two modalities:
                                                  1.  Grant: is used for the subsidizing the RE investment with
                                                       Women  Beneficiaries
                                                  2.  Credit Facility: is used as guarantee to create a credit facility with
                                                      a financial institution for Women Beneficiaries to access flexible                                                                                                                and additional credit on RE investment.
        Phase 3 = Lessons Learnt/Assessment and consolidation of findings, case studies Year 2022
                    Budget = Not Yet Available
Target Province              
             Pursat Province:
                          Kandieng District
                                  .     Chreng, Sonlong Korkur Village Svayloung Commune
                                  .     Porpi Village Sresdok Commune
                        Bakan District:
                                 .     Bakan Village Tropangchong Commune
            Takeo Province:
                       Angkorborei District
                                 .     Kompongpor Village Prekptul Commune
                      Tramkork District
                                 .       Neal, Trapangchork, Kolkorm Village Tramkork Commune
Target Beneficiaries
  • 100 Women likelihood
  • 8 Women Entrepreneurs
Project Contact

Output 1, 2, 3:

                   .   UN​ Women Cambodia
                       Duong Leakena,
                       leakena.duong @unwomen.org
                            +855-15 424 288
                     .  UNEP
                        Annette Wallgren​, wallgren@un.org

  Output 4:

                     .    អង្គការ UNEP
                          Parimita Mohanty, mohantyp@un.org
                     .    លេខាធិការដ្ឋាន គ.ជ.អ.ប. NCDD-S
                          លោក ឆេង វឌ្ឍនៈ
                     .    អង្គការ Nexus for Development
                          លោក ម៉េង ចន្ទវិបុល
   Output 5:
                   .    UNEP
                       Annette Wallgren​, wallgren@un.org
                       Parimita Mohanty, mohantyp@un.org

Project Document (insert each document in website)

  1. Inception Report
  2. Scoping Study Report
  3. Pre-feasibility Report
  4. EmPower Fund Guideline
  5. EmPower Financing Mechanism
  6. Memorandum of Understanding between NCDDD-S and ARDB
  7. EmPower Implementation Phase 2B-1:


Other Publication (insert each document in website)

  1. EmPower EmPower COVID-19 ASSESSMENT – JULY 2020


Implementation of Phase 2B  (insert each document in website)


Feasibility Partner           

The feasibility study was conducted by Nexus, a deliverable partner of EmPower under Implementation Phase 2B.

Please click below for the Feasibility Report by each RE intervention:

  1. Chicken Egg Incubator
  2. Drinking Water Enterprise
  3. Small Solar Water Pump
  4. Community Solar Water Pump
  5. Retailer


Investment Phase Partner  

Sub-National Administrators:

  1. Takeo Provincial Administrator
  2. Tramkork District Administrator
  3. Angkor Borei District Administrator
  4. Tramkok Commune Administrator
  5. Prekphtol Commune Administrator
  6. Pursat Provincial Administrator
  7. Kadieng District Administrator
  8. Bakan District Administrator
  9. Tropangchong Commune Administrator
  10. Sresdok Commune Administrator
  11. Svayloung Commune Administrator.


Investment Partner:

  1. S-RET project 

Market Linkage Partner:

  1. AIMS project

Agricultural Training Partner:

  1. ASPIRE programme 

Credit Facility and Lending Partner:

  1. ARDB 

RE Technology Supplier Partners:

  1. SOGE
  2. EcoSUN
  3. Green Innovet Cam 

Financial Training Partner:

  1. SHE Investment 

EVENTS (insert photo and video and PowerPoint slide in website)

  1. National Consultation Workshop on the result finding of scoping studies-EmPower Project at Sunway Hotel – 28 January 2020.
  2. Kick Off Meeting on Feasibility Studies at NCDDS and via Virtual Meeting – May 29, 2020
  3. EmPower COVID-19 ASSESSMENT hosted by UNEP via Virtual Meeting – July 06, 2020
  4. Meeting Joint Decision between NCDDS and Pursat Provincial Administration on EmPower Implementing Women’s Empowerment for Climate Resilience Societies 2020-2021September 3 – 4, 2020, at Pursat province
  5. Meeting Joint Decision between NCDDS and Takeo Provincial administration On EmPower Implementing Women’s Empowerment for Climate Resilience Societies 2020-2021 – September 7th, 2020, at Takeo province
  6. Financial Training by SHE Investment

                   a. Women Livelihood Basic Personal and business Financial Management

​                        i. Group A at Takeo Province, Tramkork District, Tramkork Commune on November 17-19th 2022

                      ii. Group B at Takeo Province, Angkorborey District, Prekptul Commune on November 24-26th 2022
                        iii. Group C at Pursat Province, Bakan District, Tropangchong Commune on January 18-20th 2021
                        iv. Group D at Pursat Province, Kandieng District, Svayloung Commune on February 2nd-4nd 2021
                        v. Group E at Takeo Province, Samrong District, Chumraspen Commune Thlokdamnakloung, Village on Dec 7-9th 2021
                       vi. Group F at Takeo Province, Samrong District, Chumraspen Commune Ponlue Village on Dec 14-16 th 2021
                   b. Women Entrepreneur Basic Business Incubation Program
                        i.  Session 1 at NCDDS on February 10-11th 2021
                        ii.  Session 2 at Takeo administration on February 17-18th 2021
                        iii. Session 3 Online Trianing on 28 May 2011
                        iv. Session 4 Online Trianing on 4  9 16 23 June 2021
  1. Partnership Meeting w/ SRET at MAFF – February 2rd, 2021
  2. Partnership Meeting w/ AIMS at MOC – February 18th 2021
  3. Partnership Meeting w/ ASPIRE at MAFF – February 19th 2021
  4. Financing Mechanism Workshop hosted by Nexus via Virtual Meeting – March 2021
  5. PFAN Conference hosted by UNEP via Virtual Meeting – April 01, 2021
                       a. aims to support women entrepreneurs in climate resilience and clean energy businesses by providing them with technical support to achieve investment-readiness, investor introductions and matchmaking, and business coaching.
    12. Dissemination Workshop on EmPower Guideline via Virtual Meeting
                      a. April 01, 2021 for Sub-National Administrators, Women Beneficiaries
                      b. April 06, 2021 for Partners SRET, ASPIRE, AIMS, ARDB, SHE, Nexus, UN Women
     13. EmPower Project of NCDD Secretariat Collaborated with SHE Investment to provide training for women entrepreneurs of project target on Basic Business Incubation Program to build and strengthen the capacity of women entrepreneurs to manage their climate resilient business and find ways to strengthen or expand their business. To help increase revenue through renewable energy for 8 days, ending June 29, 2021 by online (ZOOM)
  1. ASEAN Forum on Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction : 5 Years After the HA NOI Recommendations On 17 December 2021