Message from the Prime Minister

Message from the Chairman

On behalf of the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD), I welcome you to our website.  Here you will find information on the NCDD itself; and on policies, laws, programmes, plans, activities and progress.  

The NCDD was established to implement the Organic Law of 2008.  This law brings about significant changes in how governance in Cambodia works and in how services are delivered to our citizens.  The Organic Law gives effect to the Royal Government’s policies as set out in the Strategic Framework for Decentralization and Deconcentration (D&D) Reforms; and gives NCDD the mandate to drive forward the reforms.

The Royal Government of Cambodia is committed to improving the lives of all Cambodians, especially the poor and disadvantaged. We have made significant progress in a relatively short time on political stability and democratization, economic liberalization and growth, and have seen improvements in agriculture, education, health, infrastructure and other sectors.  However, we have much more to do. We want to see all our children getting a high quality education. We want better quality health care. We want infrastructure and marketing systems that allow the agriculture sector to grow. We want a governance system that encourages enterprise and economic development, creating jobs and improving livelihoods. These are some examples of the goals that are part of democratic development and of D&D.

To help achieve these goals we are changing the way that government in Cambodia works, by establishing a new system of governance that brings service delivery closer to the people. The Royal Government’s stated vision is that “this system will operate with transparency and accountability in order to promote local development and delivery of public services to meet the needs of citizens and contribute to poverty reduction with the respective areas”

We believe that a new governance system is essential for this country to prosper. We are establishing elected councils at the sub-national levels, and we will progressively give them the responsibilities, together with the human and financial resources, to deliver a wide range of public services. They will be more democratic, more efficient, more transparent and accountable, better at addressing gender and other inequalities, and at fighting corruption.  We recognize that development does not come from government alone; it needs the involvement of citizens, civil society and the private sector, and the new system will facilitate this.

These reforms will be difficult, complex, time consuming and costly. The Royal Government is committed to developing, financing and implementing a major 10-year reform programme. We are fortunate indeed that we have Development Partners who strongly support our policies and plans and who provide financial and other types of assistance to help us implement our national reform programme. This support and assistance is much appreciated.  

We will use this website to share information on our work.  We want you to know what is being done, how it is being done and what progress is being made.  I am sure we will also learn lessons (and adapt) along the way and we can share those too.  We will provide as much material in both Khmer and English as we can. We also welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions on any aspect of our work.

Sar Kheng
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Chairman of NCDD