Consultancy Employment to Design The Training Manual for MDK Ombudsman Office


National Consultant

to Design

The Training Manual for MDK Ombudsman Office



Position Title National Consultant
Program Unit Strengthening the Capacity of existing Ombudsman Offices at targeted MDK Administration
Type of Contract Consultancy Employment
Reporting to Director of Department of Function and Resources
Timeframe August – September 2019 ( Max.10 working days)
Starting Date Mid-August 2019
1)  Background

Under mandate of Ministry of Interior (MoI), the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) created the District Ombudsman (DO) at District administration since 2004, within the One-Window Service Office in two pilot districts in Siem Reap and Battambang province. The District Ombudsman Office is neutral citizen representative which plays key role to monitor the performance of local officials and to improve the accountability, transparency and responsiveness of administration through handling complaint mechanism. From year to year, the District Ombudsman Offices have been gradually expanded to other potential Municipal/District administration. At present, the Ombudsman Offices have been increasingly established in 83  administrations of Municipal, District and Khan (MDK) across the country.

By the year 2017, the Royal Governance of Cambodia has adopted the Sub-Decree # 19 on the Establishment of Ombudsman Mechanism at sub-national administration (SNA), aiming at promoting good governance in service delivery and local economic development in sub-national administrations through strengthening the roles and responsibilities of the SNA in resolving and mediation of complaints. With this new scope of ombudsman office, the Ombudsman structure has been created at two SNA levels- the Capital/Province and Municipal, District and Khan administration. Currently, the Capital/Province Ombudsman Offices have been established within all 25 C/P administrations, while the most of District Administrations are under the process to set up its own District Offices.

The Department of Function and Resources (DFR), one of technical departments, has been newly established under the General Department of Administration (GDA), Ministry of Interior, playing key roles in developing regulations/technical guidelines, strengthening, support and monitoring on three main tasks: 1) Coordination of functions and resources transfer to SNA 2) support administrative services delivery through One Window Service, and 3) Supporting the complaint handling mechanism of SNA. In the aim of strengthening of complaint mechanism of DO and under the financial support of Transparency International Cambodia, the DFR recently had conducted a  training need assessment (TNA) in order to assess the capacity and knowledge of the on-going MDK Ombudsman Offices at targeted DO in identifying the most necessary topics and practical skills which can fulfill the training needs for DOs so that they are able to effectively perform the role and responsibilities in effective complaint resolving and mediation. Therefore, based on the final findings report of TNA, the priority of specific training courses are selected to be main topics for the training design, then the training manual will be developed to describe the concept and process of each topic and sample forms or best practices that will serve as guiding documents for effective building capacity.

2)  Purpose of the assignment

This assignment is required the Consultant to design the MDK Ombudsman Office training manual based on the result of TNA findings and provide coaching to DFR team on the preparation and delivery of the manual training.

3)    Responsibilities

Specific tasks leading to design the training manual and training preparation:

  • Work with the DFR team to identify and agree on the topics and scope of contents and format style of the training manual that will assure it’s practicial.
  • Based on the findings of TNA and the current context of the issues, design a draft training manual in Khmer language for building the capacity of MDK Ombudsman Offices
  • Submit draft training manual for review by DFR/GDA
  • Present the draft training manual to DFR team and possibly include key stakeholders
  • Based on the comments/inputs received, finalize and submit the final draft manual to DFR/GDA
  • Assist the preparation stage of manual training to ensure smooth and effective delivery of the training
  • Prepare the training program and its participatory methods of the 3–day training of the manual
  • Provide the orientation and coaching to the DFR trainers related the training curriculum and manual contents
  • Prepare slide or training materials for the training handouts
  • Arrange meetings or discussions as needed to finalize the manual and training preparation
  • Assist in any other task that might become relevant during the assignment.
4)  Expected Deliverables
  • Training manual submitted with written in Khmer language
  • Training plan for 3 day training submitted
  • One-day Orientation and Coaching session conducted
  • Final assignment report submitted
5). Administration, Management and Coordination

The National Consultant will work under direct supervision of the Director of Department of Function and Resources, GDA/ Ministry of Interior. The National Consultant will work closely with the M&E team of M&E office/DFR and other technical advisers,  and He/She will have to be based at DFR office, which will provide a desk, resources and other necessary facilities such as access to printer and internet.

6). Contract duration, location and other conditions

The National Consultant will be contracted for a period of one month timeframewith the possibility of extension depending on a stonge justification of needs.

He/She is expected to start the assignment on mid-August 2019 onward.

7). Reporting Requirement

The National Consultant will report to the Director of the Department of Function and Resources, who  will be responsible for quality assurance, final deliverables and certifying payments to the National Consultant.

8). Qualifications/Knowledge/Experience Required
  • University degree in public policy, social sciences, public administration, or similar field;
  • Minimum of 5 years professional experiences on conflict resolution, capacity building preferably in D&D reform with Cambodia;
  • Experiences in design of training manual and capacity building;
  • Possess technical knowledge of local governance;
  • Excellent interpersonal, facilitation and communication skills;
  • IT literacy (Use of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint);
  • Possess good team working spirit;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Excellent written in Khmer language.
  • Similar experiences/previous work assignment is preferably.

9) Remuneration

Consultant will be paid on a lump sum basis in an amount of USD 1,000.00.

The interested applicants are welcome to apply by submitting cover letter and CV to Mrs. Chor Yee, the Department of Function and Resources, General Department of Administration, the Ministry of Interior (Building S), Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh, from 08:00 AM to 17:00PM, Monday to Friday or through E-mail:, no later than 14th August 2019.

Woman are encourage to apply !